Singers Gallery

The portraits drawn in this gallery are those of singers whose songs are inspiring to me. Most of the selected songs have some positive messages.

Some of them whisper the needs and wishes for peace, unity of people, kindness, and caring for humanity. Hopefully more and more singers and songwriters use their creativity and talent, writing and singing inspirational songs.

The portrait of the children of the war was an emotional piece and very personal to me. I literally wept while drawing those faces. Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing the crying faces of innocent children due to wars.

I hope the sad faces of those children can wake us up and make us realize that there are many children out there who are suffering as we speak. Please pray for peace in this world.

Peace and Blessings,
Norhashimah Jantan Erpelding

Singers Portraits
Anggun Louis Armstrong
Cat Stevens Jewel
John Lennon P. Ramlee
Children of Wars Michael Jackson