Norhashimah Jantan Erpelding
Norhashimah Jantan Erpelding
creative artist, graphic illustrator,
& web designer

About the Artist

Norhashimah Jantan Erpelding was born in Malaysia and currently lives in the United States with
her husband and their four children.

She attended Tun Fatimah School in Malaysia during her high school years, and at the age of 18,
went to pursue her education at
the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (USA).
She met her husband at the same college.

Norhashimah graduated with a degree of Master of Architecture and was an Architect in Malaysia for a couple of years before moving back to the United States
in July of 1993.

Norhashimah is currently the web & graphic designer, and owner of Creative Artistic Nuance (CAN), a graphic and web design company that provides services to clients whose projects in need of Graphic & Web Design and Visual Artistic Rendering.

Drawing portraits, to Norhashimah, has always been a way of channeling her artistic and creative inner needs. She hopes to spread the message of peace, tolerance and goodness through compilations of her artwork. She has been involved in many community events to promote peace and understanding among people of diverse backgrounds.

On March 31 2007, Norhashimah retired from serving as the Board Treasurer for UNIITE of which she was part of since 2002. You can contact Norhashimah via e-mail through the contact form.

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