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This is the place where future projects are thought of, and worked on, and updates are informed. You might call it, 'my anything goes' corner.

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JANUARY 01, 2011
DECEMBER 11, 2010
Baby it's cold outside! The snow is falling, the wind is gusty, and the temperature is dropping down into the single-digits this weekend!

Baby It's Cold Outside

OCTOBER 31, 2010
Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween

SEPTEMBER 26, 2010
Appreciating Fall color with the girls at Wilson Park :) Another gorgeous Sunday!

Wilson Park with the girls
Keija & Inshyra
Mommy & Inshyra

JULY 16, 2010
Summerland & Munsinger with the family.

Keija & Inshyra
Inshyra & Keija

JUNE 4, 2010
Jaemi's 6th grade graduation.
Congratulations Jaemi-pie!

Jaemi and Mom
MAY 28, 2010
Hakys' High School Graduation. Congratulations Hakys!

Hakys Graduation
Hakys High School Graduation
Hakys High School Graduation
MAY 27, 2010
Sorry, I've been busy. Have a great weekend and thanks again for stopping by!

MAY 09, 2010
Cruisin' with hubby on Mother's Day :)

Cruising with hubby
Cruising with hubby
APRIL 22, 2010
Things You Can Do To Help Save the Earth

• Use water wisely (and sparingly.)
• Walk or ride the bike instead of driving (if you can.)
• Recycle.
• Switch to Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs.
• Clean your air filters regularly.
• Reduce the thermostat setting when going to bed.
• Turn off lights/computers/TVs, etc. and unplug appliances or devices when you're not using them
• Reuse a paper that has a blank side as a scratch paper.

Happy Earth Day!

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