Public Entrance

Public Entrance

Welcome to Norhashimah's Hand Drawn Portrait Gallery. Drawing portraits, is one of my passions. In general, it requires me to not only portray accuracy, but also absorb the subject's inner essence and bring it to the surface.

Whenever I draw a portrait of someone whom I know personally, I draw more with my heart than with my eyes. I try to bring out the main character of the person, may it be gentleness, sweetness, mischievousness, or plain curiosity. I experience enjoyment and express myself through my drawings.

Everybody has a purpose in life. My purpose as an artist hopefully can be expressed through these hand drawn portraits and the inspirational quotations that come with them, which project the message of, and hope for peace, tolerance, caring, and kindness in this world and among humanity.

Please make yourself at home, and feel free to explore my cyber gallery. Thanks for stopping by, and hope you'll enjoy your visit.

Peace & Blessings,
Norhashimah Jantan Erpelding
Hand Drawn Portrait