“My father did everything he could to raise all eight of us up in a home full of love, filled with spiritual and academic educations and ofcourse, discipline. One of his characters that I admired dearly was the fact that he took fatherhood very seriously. In other words, raising children fell on both his and my mother's shoulders equally.

When I received news about him having lung cancer, I was devastated. My father was not a smoker, and lung cancer was the last thing that I expected him to have. I was thousands of miles away from home, and due to many circumstances, didn't get a chance to fly back to Malaysia to be by his side.

On the night of June 20th, 2001 (daytime June 21st, 2001 in Malaysia) I dreamed about my father. He came in my dream and gave me a big hug, and he told me that he was ok. I remember waking up the next morning feeling sad after telling my husband about the dream. I didn't know about his passing to the spirit world until a day later. If there was any solace at all, it was the fact that he came to me in my dream, about the exact time that he passed away. Somehow he was letting me know about his passing himself and reassuring me that everything was ok. Nowadays, I always find comfort in that meaningful dream, and I feel my father's presence more than ever.“

- Norhashimah Jantan Erpelding -
A Portrait of Abah

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