Tears Of Sorrow by Anggun

Ego lies in human nature
Scars the face in every one of us
What's mine is mine. What's yours is yours
It seems like we forget about the heaven's floor

Set a wider gap between us
We build up walls without no shame
We turn away. If you're not one of us
But I thought, there's one color in our blood

We run around in circles
Why not reach for a truth eternal
Living life that's so superficial
We'll drown in the tears of sorrow

Greed demands our full attention
We only live for our own gain it seems
What's mine is mine. What's yours is yours
I fear we'll lose the faith we ignore

Now look around to find an answer
The truth it comes as no surprise
You're not alone, you're any one of us
I'm not blind to the mirror of our lives
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